Sunday, 8 August 2010

to the sea!

Sorry i've been away for along time but I have been very busy. This includes completing the Midnight Walk for St. Lukes Hospice!

I didn't actually realise it was half a marathon and probably would have trained if I did know! but it was in remembrance of my dear uncle who we lost to cancer in 2008 and I thought of him the whole way.
I completed it with my best friend Sam and I couldn't be happier! It
was an incredible experience and hope to do it again sometime. We survived on caffeine, water and laughs! Over 2000 women participated and raised so much more than last year already. The night before consisted of more laughs as we saw Jimmy Carr. He commented on my white dress saying it was a nighty. Thanks man. ha!

Right now i'm concentrating on a small, yet cute, project for my nephew! I saw him two days in a row last week, eee!
My brother's girlfriend (Harley's mummy) really wanted me to paint canvases for his little room. We decided on a sailer theme. I drew up some designs and I let her pick out what she wanted and so on. I'm so excited and almost finished! I'll post the final pieces and when they're hung up (:

I finally bought a cute japanese oil burner and lilac oil. I have many joss sticks and a holder but i've always wanted my room to smell like those shops, and it finially does, hooray!

and finally CATS! Just because! My friend just sent me the cutest picture of her cat, Pepsi! Adorable (:

and here's my pretty kitty! (:

P.S I recomend seeing Toy Story 3 xo