Thursday, 28 October 2010

28th October

good morning, i'm moving this section a day foward as I will be away tomorrow and unable to post...
(click on images for better quality and bigger woo!)

so here's what i'm wearing today; denim floral dress, black t-shirt, laced tights, trench boots, owl clip, owl necklace and junk food bracelet!
everything from Top Shop apart from owl clip and junk food bracelet which is from Claire's Accessories and trench boots from Matalan.

Have a wonderful day and an awesome halloween weekend! xo

Monday, 25 October 2010

halloween decorations!

these were so fun to make! and super easy (:
this D.I.Y was part of Elsie's 12 days of tricks and treats, this one was from the blog frecklewonder!

i made these for my friends halloween party on saturday, i'm so excited!

what are you going as for halloween? xo

Friday, 22 October 2010

start of something new...

hey guys! i'm going to start a new feature called 'daily outfit' i know i hardly post so this will keep me posting to the minimum of once a week (:

today i wore; cutesy cat jumper, black skinny jeans and dark brown brogues.
make up was a simple winged eye with Fearne Cotton fake eyelashes! i love her new range and will most likely do a review very soon xo

Sunday, 17 October 2010


i can't explain in words, i'll just have to give you a photo dump instead! which, in the long run, would probably be alot more interesting (:

my cousin, jemma

my close friend, kayley

first polaroids (:

this was oh so gooooood!

we ate all this ^^

my new polaroid 300 (:

i have so much more to post... xo

Friday, 1 October 2010


Happy 11th Birthday Bella!

I can't believe it's been 11 years since I got her for Christmas!
I was always obsessed with cats, since I was very young. I used to love drawing them on everything. I always wanted one but my Dad was never good with animals. When I was 7 my parents finally gave in. In the begining of December 1999 my Mum took me to a house where the woman was giving cute kitties away. There was one left.

A small, cute, black and white, yellow eyed beauty.
I sat on a one seat chair, nervous, as I'd never held a real life kitten in my small life.
She sniffed around my feet and jumped up onto the arm of the chair and started crying at me.
I think at that moment, my heart melted.
I picked her up and cradled her into my arms where she lightly purred and closed her eyes.

We took her home and I couldn't stop playing with her. Expecially as it was around Christmas time, she loved playing with the decorations!
Her sleeping place was next to the front room door.

She knows me very well and has for years. She knows when I'm sad and curls up next to me to keep me happy.
She knows my happiness.
and she's always been there when I'm painting, watching me.
I love it when I find her in silly places.
I love coming home to her and seeing her cute face.
I love it when she twitches her paws.
and I love finding her asleep on her back with her big Thumper feet in the air.