Sunday, 27 February 2011


Just as I'm about to plan ideas for this blog my laptop decides to die on me before Christmas... technology eh?
So, I'm really sorry about that! My laptop is all lovely and fixed now so expect to see me alot more, promise!
I'm creating a few ideas at the moment so they'll be coming soon this year. Exciting!
I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and just
had the best week break, how was your breaks and Christmas'?
I'll share a couple of photos;

I made an LBD! (little black dress)
Harley had his first Christmas (and drink!)

I dyed my hair pink, and loving it!
I designed my own kitty pattern and screen printed on Paul Smith fabric!
(this will be made into a dress which will go down a catwalk in June!)

I made a few silly little drawings (:

I've also almost finished my craft room! I'm so excited to show you (:
Have a wonderful day! xo