Thursday, 18 July 2013

Outfit of the day; Summer outfit

 Asos have an amazing sale on at the moment, and I managed to snag this beautiful skirt! I love black and white stripes reminds me of Tim Burton and the blue flowers are such a lovely little touch! It's an elastic waist, which I don't normally go for but I couldn't resist! It's so comfortable and hangs beautifully off the waist.
You can get it now for £8 on the site! Bargain, right?!
I paired it with a plain black top, my Ellie Goulding necklace, tights, spiked black pumps and these awesome sunglasses I got for £1 from Primark! 

Cute little outfit for the summer!

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dr Martens Acid Orange and Acid Pink!

Hey guys, just here to show off my incredible shoes to be honest! 

I first saw the Acid Pink ones on Asos and fell in love! Then I found the Acid Orange ones and just couldn't decide! So, I kind of, got both... (!!)

 Aren't they beautiful? These are the first pairs of Dr Martens I've ever owned and I am in love! Like true, true love! They are so comfortable and sturdy and feel that they will last me a long time! I absolutely love the colours, I wear alot of black so this just adds that little pop of colour for the Summer!
They are £40 on amazon (UK)!

What do you think of them? I'm getting alot of looks! 

Hair clips and illustration prints for sale, take a look!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Illustration prints now available!

Hello! I'm excited to announce that my illustration prints are now available on my etsy store! They're retailing at £3.00 each! Thank you for your continued support!