Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dr Martens Acid Orange and Acid Pink!

Hey guys, just here to show off my incredible shoes to be honest! 

I first saw the Acid Pink ones on Asos and fell in love! Then I found the Acid Orange ones and just couldn't decide! So, I kind of, got both... (!!)

 Aren't they beautiful? These are the first pairs of Dr Martens I've ever owned and I am in love! Like true, true love! They are so comfortable and sturdy and feel that they will last me a long time! I absolutely love the colours, I wear alot of black so this just adds that little pop of colour for the Summer!
They are £40 on amazon (UK)!

What do you think of them? I'm getting alot of looks! 

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  1. So lovely. I chose orange one and today I matched it with my beige trench and beige pants. Which one do you prefer?


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