Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

I'm most likely a little bit slow on the hype of these lip balms but better late than never! I snagged the Intense Care balm out of the six to choose from. 

This one appealed to me because of it's claims. It has SPF 20 which is always great to read! It also claims to hydrate for 8 hours and leave your lips feeling baby soft. Such high claims for a £2.99 product! I'll be honest, it's an okay product. It hydrates my lips just fine but not for 8 hours, it's a pretty ridiculous thing to expect seeing as we eat and drink through out the day! It did however leave my lips feeling baby soft after a few days, but then the affects wear off like all the other lip balms I have tried. But I will admit this is the best one I have tried, it tops my Simple lip balm by far! It glides on the lips easily, feels a tad watery compared to its solid appearance, but there's no pull on the lips when applying.

The packaging is so cute and colourful, and yellow is one of my favourite colours. It's a great product for £2.99 and I would recommend it, it's a great little wonder to keep in the bottom of your bag for those dry lips emergencies!

Apologies for the crummy photos, was a gloomy day!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Lady GaGa 'Applause' inspired makeup

 Hey guys! I have a new video up, it's another makeup time lapse. I'm so excited for ARTpop and loved the photos surfacing of GaGa with this crazy makeup on and felt really inspired (: