About me+Links

Hello, I'm Kelly and welcome to my little blog. Here I post mainly fashion and beauty and the occasional post about my artwork.
My main passion is theater makeup and illustration! If you have any requests for videos, please feel free to contact me (:
I have my own little Etsy store where I'm currently selling prints of my artwork, check it out!

My hobbies include; playing with my make-up, writing, playing the guitar, reading books and cereal packets, baking, painting, sewing even if it's just fixing garments, i love it! traveling anywhere! drawing, playing with my cat, going to music gigs and comedy gigs, painting my nails awesome colours, dressing up, dying my hair and kayaking!


you can find me here... 

twitter // instagram // tumblr  // youtube // etsy store 

You can also contact me via e-mail: pixiesmess@hotmail.co.uk