Sunday, 8 February 2015

aniMangaPOP convention

Hey guys! Yesterday I attended my first convention selling my artwork! It was super exciting and also nerve wrecking, it was a convention dedicated to Japanese culture, not really suited to the artwork I produce however, I enjoyed it! I made a fair few sales and it felt great when people were picking up my business card! 

I attended the event with my friend who creates amazing work, see it here (:

My little table all set up (:

I got talking to some lovely people at the con, everyone was super lovely and supportive of each others work, it was such a lovely atmosphere. These are the cute items I purchased! The print is by Minty Kitty, she was so nice and the super adorable hair clip is from Jessica who was so wonderful! The Rilakkuma brush is super cute, not sure what it is for but I couldn't pass it up! I may use it as a highlighter brush!

I had so much fun, felt super supported from my friend and my boyfriend who sat by me at the event and just the whole atmosphere (:

I can't wait to set up for the next one! Which will hopefully be soon!

Just to let you know, I put up some pocket mirrors on sale on my etsy! Please take a look! They're selling at £3.50 (:

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  1. You're so wonderfully talented! Sounds like the convention was fun! Rebecca | Rebecca Marie xx


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