Wednesday, 21 July 2010

sneaky peak...

hello there! just a little update.

my grandad is with me at the moment and is setting up the furniture in our new front room! so happy everythings comming together. my art room is comming along nicely too.
i've decided on turquoise for the colour. my room is yellow and it makes me very happy indeed. i think the colour turquoise is a very positive, happy, creative colour (:

here are a few sneak peaks at my designs!

i can't wait to make them and sell them to you lovely lot!

i'm currently working on a plush mouse for a brand new baby girl that will be comming into this beautiful world oh so soon...

pixie xo

Friday, 16 July 2010

nail polish

hello party people!
so my trip into town was very successful indeed! i bought my sewing machine, which i love and i can't wait to start using it!
i also had to buy brown paint so i can finish my pixie lott painting which i can't wait to show you!

while i was in there i also picked up the girlie things such as make-up and hair products and i picked up this beauty on a whim;

the colour really stood out and i even think it was half price. it's a real beautiful colour and it's even sented! which i didn't even notice until i put it on ha!
it smell so gorgeous and sweet. who ever thought of this is a genius and has made me a very happy girl! i think everyone should have bright nails! it makes the world a happier place.

pixie xo

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

morning campers! i am oh so very tired. the carpet men still haven't arrived ha.
so i thought i'd post a blog, it'll be short and possible sweet (:

i would like to introduce my popoki! (cat)

my whole world involves around my darling. yes, she is before art! ha

i'm really into couple photography more than any other, i think it's simply gorgeous and when the photographer catches 'real' moments rather than posed ones, i think the image is simply amazing.

i recently found these beautiful photographs:

Photographer: Evan Wonderwall.(the rest are here:

they are simply wonderful and inspiring!

he is my style crush for today (:

in my future blogs i shall be doing alot of style crushes!

i hope your day goes well today, i'm way to excited about today, i've always wanted a sewing machine and glad i'm getting one! now i just need these carpet guys to show...

pixie xo

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

hello wonderful people!
i took this photo at random today and enjoyed editing it.
this week has been manic! we're currently re-decorating the house and have thrown out alot! around 35 bin bags of our life. in some ways it's sad but i guess you can't hold onto them forever.

so the small room is cleared and i can't wait to start decorating it. my bedroom is yellow with blue boarder. i'm thinking to paint the room a sky blue... or maybe turquoise, what do you guys think?
i'm getting very excited! i would love your feedback!

tomorrow insist of me paying the guys that are laying the carpet, admiring thier awesome work then, going into town to buy a sewing machine.

oh and i saw my beautiful nephew yesterday, he's grown so much!
i'm so in love.

i hope you all have a great week! xo