Wednesday, 14 July 2010

morning campers! i am oh so very tired. the carpet men still haven't arrived ha.
so i thought i'd post a blog, it'll be short and possible sweet (:

i would like to introduce my popoki! (cat)

my whole world involves around my darling. yes, she is before art! ha

i'm really into couple photography more than any other, i think it's simply gorgeous and when the photographer catches 'real' moments rather than posed ones, i think the image is simply amazing.

i recently found these beautiful photographs:

Photographer: Evan Wonderwall.(the rest are here:

they are simply wonderful and inspiring!

he is my style crush for today (:

in my future blogs i shall be doing alot of style crushes!

i hope your day goes well today, i'm way to excited about today, i've always wanted a sewing machine and glad i'm getting one! now i just need these carpet guys to show...

pixie xo

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