Thursday, 26 September 2013


I've been working on the Halloween collection lately (which I have now set a deadline for! Eeep!) and decided to take a little break and have a go at digital art again. I was really inspired by some of the talented work I've seen lately and felt like having ago again after a few months, my tablet had collected a lot of dust! Oops!

I doodled a little sketch about a week a go of Lady Gaga, I used my sketch to then digitally colour. 

Here's a little bit of the process that I posted on my Instagram;

(original sketch)
I'm pretty proud of it, this is my 3rd finished digital art piece, I'm finding it easier the more I practice and that's all you can ever do I guess (:

(6 posts away until a giveaway!)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Day 1: Everything packed and shoved in the car I could not contain my excitement. Finally after 9 years of being a huge fan of Paramore, today was the day I was able to see them, live! The road trip was filled with laughter and lots of singing to our favourite songs, which is how it should be with your best buddy! We arrived into Cardiff and stopped at Wagamama for some food. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it! Some of the best food I have ever tasted. Looking for our hotel was the hardest mission ever! We went past the arena and saw all of the Paramore fans queuing for forever! It just became funny that we couldn’t find it but we finally did, with 1 hour and half to go until the doors opened! Getting ready, my tummy was starting to flip and excitement had overtaken me, we were skipping around the room (it was very large) I hardly wore any make-up because I knew I’d just sweat it off anyway! I wore a crop top and a skirt, perfection for dancing and jumping! 

The show, wow, wow, wow THE SHOW! It was the most incredible thing I’ve been too, seen and danced around too, and I danced my butt off! Some of the people around us were not even singing or dancing, what is the point in going to a show? Really do not get some people! I sang every word and danced to every melody, it was everything I imagined and more. The show was totally worth waiting 9 years for! Jeremy is my favourite member, he is one talented guy! Hayley running up and down the stage was ace, despite hardly seeing her tiny self! I loved her playing at the piano and messing up on ‘When it Rains’ but still my favourite song! I could hardly see Taylor but sure he rocked it! The fan that got to go up on stage was so lucky! And owned the stage during 'Misery Business'! Well done buddy! The final was amazing, confetti falling everywhere while the whole arena was belting out ‘Still into You’

Still so adrenaline pumped from the gig we decided to get maccy d’s and head back, watched some Interbetweeners and slept. Hardly slept that night and think I managed to drop off at 5:30am

Day 2: We woke up around 9ish, we had a full day planned ahead! Showered and dressed we headed out around 11. We grabbed a Subway and headed over to the mall, we shopped around for abit, but wasn’t all that interested as we have similar shops, loved Hamley’s and Disney though, as we do not have them! (sad face) I bought myself a Zero teddy from Disney, my favourite character in Nightmare Before Christmas (: We tried to find a store that would stock film for my polaroid but it was closed, but we ended up in a nice little street, so I took a photo. It hit half 2 and we decided to head over to the Doctor Who Experience! I was very excited for this as the last time I came to Cardiff I couldn’t find it! The adventure part at the beginning of the tour was so scary! I think I was more scared than the kids! The worst was the Weeping Angels, I think they’re the most terrifying villain in Doctor Who! You had to walk through the forest and they were all there! I was going crazy and closing my eyes (I didn’t blink)! The actual exhibition bit was very impressive! They had loads of original props, including Ten’s coat and the heart of the T.A.R.D.I.S  (which you could actually stand on)! It was just all so, so impressive and a real must for any Doctor Who fan! After that it was pretty much dinner time so we stopped off at T.G.I Friday’s, which we’ve both never been too and only thought existed in America. I must say it was the best meal I’ve ever had! I had the Kickin’ Veggie Burger and Apple Waffle Crunch which were both such a delight! We left a pretty big tip for the wonderful lady who served us, she was so, so lovely! With our bellies full and satisfied we left for the journey home! Which was a lot of fun, the singing and conversations never stopped all the way home, such a perfect trip.


Can't wait for more traveling adventures in the very near future!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Katy Perry Killer Queen makeup video

Hey dolls! 

A few days ago I first saw Katy's new ad for her new fragrance 'Killer Queen' on the TV. I personally love the ad and can't stand the whole drama of "but Beyonce was a Queen in her video" blah blah blah, get over it, we can all be Queens!

The hair was amazing, and to be fair it did look like it was advertising some sort of hair product! But we can't blame Katy for having some amazing hair *cough* wigs!

I adored the makeup she had to complete the look, a very simple classic smokey eye with winged eyeliner and a red lip, here's my version in a video, hope you enjoy (:

Oh, and yes I have tried the 'Killer Queen' fragrance and I don't like it! ha! I'm going to stick to 'Purr'!

Within the next few weeks expect some Halloween looks! yay!