Monday, 24 October 2011

What I wore; casual

t-shirt: David and Goliath
shorts: really old I can't even remember!
tights: M&S

My cousins bought me this t-shirt for my 19th birthday (: I think it's so cute and love these designs.

I'm now kicking back and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, getting into the Halloween mood! Behind in the photo is some decorations with spiders in them, super creepy!

My Sally costume is coming along great! I've finished the wig and going to spend the day sewing the dress tomorrow. Hopefully post it tomorrow and about my 19th birthday (:

Are you doing anything for Halloween? xo
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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hello Sally!

Hello everybody!

So right now it is past 1AM and I'm re-constructing my Sally The Ragdoll costume! I loved being her on Halloween a few years back but I must admit the costume was terrible! and the wig! It was way to big for me and it had no shape at all, I looked so frumpy! So I am making it come in at the waist and flare out with a netted skirt underneath, I was way too excited and started right away ha!
I'm really lucky to know a little bit of how clothing works and to re-construct things, I'm doing this to save money at the moment.

I'll post before and after pictures of course! I need to fill out the wig more too!

It is my birthday in two days! I'm so excited, I'm going to be 19 (: I'm having a birthday dinner tomorrow then seeing Jake on my actual birthday and going out for a meal with his parents as it's his mother's birthday 2 days after mine!

I bought polariod film today so I'll probably use it all up over this October!
Tomorrow I am dying my hair a sea foam colour, I can't wait!

I also went to the British Art Show 7 with college on Tuesday, I found it really inspiring and amazing, plus it was the first time Plymouth has had the show here, exciting. I'm going again tomorrow to gain inspiration on the project so I shall post photos of some artists artwork (:

and finally, I have a new laptop so I can post more now! yay! I'm so happy with it and I can finally get things properly sorted on here.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Autumn, it's my favourite season!

Have you any ideas for what you want to go as for Halloween?!

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