Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hello Sally!

Hello everybody!

So right now it is past 1AM and I'm re-constructing my Sally The Ragdoll costume! I loved being her on Halloween a few years back but I must admit the costume was terrible! and the wig! It was way to big for me and it had no shape at all, I looked so frumpy! So I am making it come in at the waist and flare out with a netted skirt underneath, I was way too excited and started right away ha!
I'm really lucky to know a little bit of how clothing works and to re-construct things, I'm doing this to save money at the moment.

I'll post before and after pictures of course! I need to fill out the wig more too!

It is my birthday in two days! I'm so excited, I'm going to be 19 (: I'm having a birthday dinner tomorrow then seeing Jake on my actual birthday and going out for a meal with his parents as it's his mother's birthday 2 days after mine!

I bought polariod film today so I'll probably use it all up over this October!
Tomorrow I am dying my hair a sea foam colour, I can't wait!

I also went to the British Art Show 7 with college on Tuesday, I found it really inspiring and amazing, plus it was the first time Plymouth has had the show here, exciting. I'm going again tomorrow to gain inspiration on the project so I shall post photos of some artists artwork (:

and finally, I have a new laptop so I can post more now! yay! I'm so happy with it and I can finally get things properly sorted on here.

I hope you guys are having a wonderful Autumn, it's my favourite season!

Have you any ideas for what you want to go as for Halloween?!

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