Monday, 20 August 2012

Review: Katy Perry lashes in Oh, Honey!

 I'm going to start off by saying, I am the worst person at applying fake eyelashes! I have super sensitive eyes, specially in the inner corner, even liquid eyeliner touching it will make them
water the whole night! 
But when it comes to Katy Perry and her face on anything, 9 time out of 10 I'm going to buy it!

I think the Katy Perry range by Eylure came out around the start of the year, every time I entered a drugstore I would go look at them, I just could never decide over Sweetie Pie or Oh, Honey! But finally last week I went with these;

When it comes to eyelashes I always go for the most natural looking ones. I already have naturally long eyelashes it's just something a little extra I'm looking for. I took these photos before I cut the eyelashes, because of my sensitive eyes I cut them small to apply them to the outer corner of my eyes.
The packaging is really pretty, yet on each different product her eyelashes don't change, which is abit weird! You can see the eyelashes clearly in the case, so you know what you're purchasing and on the back 'Katy' gives her top tips on how to apply, just the usual really but I guess it gives that personal touch, which is sweet.

So, here's what you get inside! Eyelashes, telling you which one is left and which is right. Which I really liked, I've never seen that before in packs of eyelashes. You get a small tube of the eyelash glue. A more detailed instruction leaflet and a cute sticker saying 'Oh, Honey!' I guess you get these in the other ones too.

The eyelashes felt very fragile so I was extra careful with them, applying the glue was easy, it's a wand applicator which I really like, I hate the little squeezy ones you usually get, I felt like I could apply it evenly on the lashes. I waited for 30 seconds, like it says, and then applied, pushing them down with cotton wool buds. I didn't have to do this very long as they were pretty much stuck straight away. I was highly impressed! I was able to apply liquid eyeliner over them, as the lash line is very thin, and also run mascara through them!

I wore these out on Friday night, I went to see Oliver in theatre and was abit nervous incase my eyes would start running and strain watching the show as fake eyelashes can be heavy, but I seriously have no complaints with these lashes. They are so lightweight and I completly forgot that I had them on! They just felt and looked so natural and they're reusable. I wore them again the night after while going out for some drinks with friends. 

(sorry for the sideways photo but you can see the lashes best this way. Also, I've dyed my hair yeeeah)
I highly recommend Oh, Honey! lashes to people who are rubbish at apply lashes, who have sensitive eyes, like the natural look and like me, doesn't have alot of money to spend on luxuries as these were priced £5.95 at Boots! Plus they're reusable! Absolute bargain! 

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