Tuesday, 30 August 2011

you built up a world of magic...

I've started a new personal project called 'you built up a world of magic'
it's a Paramore lyric that I love. I painted my art room the colour of Paramore's third album. I wanted to hang up frames on my wall like the album cover. Then I came up with this idea to paint some illustrations on my walls instead.
So what I'm going to do is paint (in my style) woodland creatures, all cute and cuddly (:
Then I'm hoping to paint the lyric on the wall. I'll keep you up to date with this project, I'm really excited about it!

I started today with a baby fawn;

(sorry the photo's suck. It's night time as I'm posting this and I have no window in this room)

I love her. She took around 5 hours to complete. This is all done in acrylic. Here's what I'm hoping to start painting tomorrow;

two foxes kissing, aww (:

I can't wait to start! xx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Under the sea!

(colour is Coral Blue by Stargazer)
yay! new coral blue hair! what do you think?

Summer is almost over and I really don't want it to be. I found out today my bestfriend is moving to Swansea in Wales for uni. I'm going to miss her, although it is closer than where she was originally going to go which means I can see her more often.

Also, I changed the blog, you like? Promise, promise you I will sell things soon! Just some things have happened and it's messed things up a little.

Anyway! i was thinking of making a blog about hair colouring, like tips and tricks on how to make it last and how to look after your hair. yes? let me know!

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Saturday, 13 August 2011

July/August... photo dump!

I've been so bad a blogging lately! But, this summer is probably my last break ever. I go back to college in about 3 weeks, I'm so nervous and really don't want to go.
Here are a few things I've been up to...

I attended my best friend's baptism. (She's now a devoted Jehovah's Witness)

I've been reading Harry Potter, I am now on the 4th book and cannot get enough!

I had my disposable camera developed and have a black and white one that needs to be developed too (:

I met the cutest Spaniel! His name is Ripper and he was so sweet (:

I snapped adorable photos of my nephew before he went away on his first holiday!

and finally, I've recently drawn some illustrations. This one is my favourite (:

I went back home for a couple of days to see my family. Me and Mama went to Pizza Express, my favourite mainstream place and then went to see my Grandparents.
I had my best friend and his Fiancé over last Saturday which was a bunch of fun!

We took Ripper on the Moors in Plymouth (where I'm from) and he had so much fun!

and while my brother and his girlfriend were on holiday with my little nephew, he proposed to her and she said yes! I'm so happy for them! (:

Today I feel very ill. I can hardly move without anything hurting. I think I might start posting products on my shop before I finish the skulls as there are too many! Everything else is finished apart from them... I'll think about it!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend (: xo

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