Thursday, 25 August 2011

Under the sea!

(colour is Coral Blue by Stargazer)
yay! new coral blue hair! what do you think?

Summer is almost over and I really don't want it to be. I found out today my bestfriend is moving to Swansea in Wales for uni. I'm going to miss her, although it is closer than where she was originally going to go which means I can see her more often.

Also, I changed the blog, you like? Promise, promise you I will sell things soon! Just some things have happened and it's messed things up a little.

Anyway! i was thinking of making a blog about hair colouring, like tips and tricks on how to make it last and how to look after your hair. yes? let me know!

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  1. You look absolutely adorable! If I had the courage to dye my hair in any colour it would defintely be this one! It looks perfect on you! :)

  2. Super cute hair!!/MandyCrandell

  3. So would u call this color turqoise? i might have this colar but i dont want it to be turqoiuse again :P

    1. No it's coral blue, alot more blue than turquoise! (:

  4. you hair looks amazing! did you have to bleach it? x


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