Tuesday, 1 March 2011


and just where has February gone?!

Today I am wearing...

-Short floral dress from Republic
-Red plaid shirt from Dorothy Perkins
-Owl watch necklace from Claire's Accessories
-Nerd glasses from claire's accessories

This dress is originally a thick strap dress but as it is winter, I usually wear long sleeve, black tops underneath... it's in the wash!
So I picked the plaid shirt out to wear on top and it just didn't look right. My body shape is pretty much straight up and down so I find it difficult to create curves at times.
I don't know how I came up with it but I just ended up tying it up and around my waist to create the shape! yay! (:

I would wear this on a cute date ^.^

Oh and that's the colour of my new craft room! I can't wait to show you!

Have a lovely night (: xo


  1. You ALWAYS look so amazing! I love your hair and every outfit you wear!


  2. Aww thank you! You're so kind (:

  3. uh oh!!! pink hair love :)
    i always wear pink LOL! i have this ridiculous love for all things pink. your pink hair is ravishing! i'm so ready for mine to grow out! ♥erica

  4. I wanted pink hair for a long time, so glad I did it! What colour are you thinking of next? I'm tempted for blue and pink (: xx


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