Tuesday, 12 April 2011

haven't posted since when?!

These photos make me look like I have blonde hair, but I promise it's still pink! Just extremely faded!

I'm really sorry for my lack of posting! I do have reasons.
Being on a course takes up most of my time, it even eats into my free time. I'm not complaining, as the last project we had has been my favourite. It's been the most inspirational and eye opening. I will post more about that project tomorrow.
Another reason is the most amazing opportunity was thrown my way a week ago and I would have been so stupid to say no! I was picked, along with 3 others, to have complete freedom in designing and making dance costumes for an upcoming Chinese Festival show that's happening here in Plymouth! and I'm getting paid. So, can you blame me for saying yes?! I only have 3 weeks to do this in so I'm going to be highly busy working on that including making my other dress for a fashion show. Which I still need to show you my design, it's such a complicated pattern but I love a challenge, it encourages you to learn (:
I will keep you updated on the Chinese Festival project, fabrics, designs, the fun meetings we've been having, the lot!
Also busy on designing fun plush toys for my shop, which shall be running, hopefully by the end of Easter... phew!
Please forgive me for lack of posting! I am growing more and more attached to this blog and I enjoy replying to your lovely comments.

Have a wonderful day, hopefully more tomorrow! xo

P.S Just to let you know, I made an 'about' page here! Go check it out to know a little bit more about me. There's also links to my twitter account, deviant account, tumblr and flickr (which I shall use alot more soon)


  1. Thank you (:
    Promise there's more to come! x

  2. Congratulations on your HUGE opportunity! :D
    You will be amazing!

    P.S. I think I love you! ;) xo

  3. Thank you very much (:

    haha I love you too :D xx

  4. Wowwww Kelly that's so awesome with that opportunity! :D :D How did you get picked, was it through College? You're going to be amazing!

    And you're SOO pretty, I love your hair :) And your eyes :) And YOUUU!

    Love, Jadie

  5. Yes! Through college indeed!

    haha I feel the same about you, missy! (: xxx


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