Monday, 27 June 2011

Review: Kat Von D, Kat Eye Brush Set

There’s no denying it, I’m a huge fan of Kat Von D. So when I found out about her make-up range, I was so excited! Her series, LA Ink, is shown later here in England and when I saw some episodes of her meeting with Sephora, I was so happy! You could see how motivated she was into the whole process of creating the range which I love seeing, rather than a celebrity putting their name on a product they don’t care about. If there’s one other talent Kat has other than tattooing it has to be make-up. Her make-up is always very bold, dark but also clean. It never looks over the top and she can always pull it off.

The packaging is very beautiful and has tattoo style flowers printed on the black case. The case closes and is held together by a magnetic popper. Inside, there is a little flap with Kat’s name and Sephora printed on, which keeps your brushes flat and clean. The bushes are placed in their own little slots, making it easier to keep the brushes organised. The material all together is very soft and light.

In the set there are 5 brushes. Angled shadow brush, blending brush, angled brow brush, smudge brush, flat eyeliner brush. When I saw the brushes I couldn’t wait to get started!
The brushes are so soft and easy to clean. The smudge brush is possibly my favourite, it picks up the shadows so well. The blending brush is fantastic to use afterwards and blends for ages. The angled shadow brush would be great for people that have bigger eyelids, this brush blends beautifully and you could achieve a beautiful shape around your eyelid.

I also used this brush to highlight just under my eyebrow and then blended the highlight into the purple colour. The flat eyeliner brush is very stiff, perfect for getting straight lines and creating any thickness of liner you desire. To be honest, I haven’t used the brow brush, I tend to leave my eyebrows but I have used it as an eyeliner brush. It is a little softer than the eyeliner brush and I think it’s great to use for the corners of your eyes.

The brushes are a perfect length to apply make-up with. They have the silver flower pattern, just like the case and Kat’s logo at the top, as you can see from the photo.

Overall, I am so impressed with the product. The packaging is beautiful and light weight so this would be easy to carry around in your bag for top ups. The brushes are so soft and strong, also create amazing application. My personal downfall to this product is that the whole range is not available outside of the US and Canada. Because of this, I had to search on Ebay, and the lowest I could get it for was £50. Where as, if Sephora shipped to the UK I could have bought it for £30. This doesn’t affect me too much as it is amazing value for money, but I would love to purchase her other products that I would have to pay extra for. I hope that they will ship everywhere soon as her products seem amazing quality. Apart from paying a lot, I am so, so happy with the product and highly recommend buying this! You will not be let down!

Kat Von D range

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  1. you've got the prettiest eyes, seriously!

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