Friday, 8 August 2014

Review: Sleek true colour lipstick and eau lala liner

I've had this review written down for ages and finally getting around to it! This combination of lipstick and liner is just the best and so cheap!

A few months ago I was looking for a dark red/purple vampy lipstick but was having no luck! Even looked in MAC and just nothing stood out! I've been absolutely loving Taylor Momsen's look for ages and wanted to recreate her fabulous look!

Sleek had been gone for a few months from my local Superdrug and I was so bummed! It's such an amazing makeup line! For some reason I just went into there and there it was! Sleek makeup back in my life! I noticed first the liner, Sleek Eau La La Liner in Raisin but was afraid it would be very drying on my lips, so just picked up Sleek lipstick true colour in Cherry too and just thought about mixing them! Best combination ever! I'm so glad I did it! Doing it this way creates an amazing vampy colour and it lasts so long!
I wore it to a family get together, we had Chinese food and a lot to drink and I only had to reapply the lipstick twice! Result! What's even better is that the liner can also be used on your eyes! They have loads of colours and I would love to stock up on more! I really recommend this combination or even your own using Sleek makeup! It is such an amazing brand, amazing quality for an amazing price!

It cost £4.99 for each product, that's just under £10 for and amazing colour! Can't get any better than that!

I'm traveling to London right now with the boyfriend! I will be taking alot of photos and possibly a vlog so keep an eye out for that! (:
Happy train photo! 

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