Monday, 15 November 2010

Goulden Cardiff

My weekend was so perfect (:
I went to Cardiff with my good friend Christina. The reason to visit this pretty city? The one and only Ellie Goulding
of course! I also highly recommend seeing this artist too! Perfection comes to mind when I was watching her perform. Every note hit perfectly, interaction with the audience was amazing and on the slow songs, intense and soulful. She covered Temper Trap, Sweet Disposition which I shed a little tear at, seriously beautiful (:

I'll stop being soppy and post photos!
(again, please credit if taking and please do not remove the tag, thank you!)

I also recorded a video of her and her band mate drumming, my camera is usually really bad and I didn't think the video was going to come out great, it came out better than what I expected and wish I recorded more!

OH! How amazing is the Cardiff mall?! WOW! It's huge, I love it! I bought a cupcake travel bag!
Anyone ever been? xo

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