Friday, 5 November 2010

a slice of Paloma!

(my own photo, please credit if taking! and please do not remove tag! Just makes everyones life easier and happier (: I was second row, yay!)

Paloma Faith was absolutly magical last night. I knew she was good, I have her album on constant and I've seen a few of her performances on tv, but I didn't relise how inspiring she was just by her voice. I cried a little, but a good cry, I was really touched and moved by her music. She's so theatrical and funny, God! What a funny woman. She's so breezy and connects with the audience so well. She really involves you with the whole show. She's just fantastic and I highly recomend to see her if you can! I went with my best friend, Sam and her little sister, Lauren (it was her first gig! cute!) Lauren loves Eliza Doolittle who was the supporting act, who was amazing also. Next Friday I'm traveling up to Cardiff with my other best friend, Christina to see the almighty Ellie Goulding! I shall keep you posted on that!

Today I went to lunch with Sam and had a pizza, oh yeah!

It was so good! What's your favourite?

Hope you all have a great fireworks night! Be safe! xo


  1. Its Jaddddiiiieeee! <3

    Ahhh I love this! Kelly you are so so cute. :D And that pizza looked gorg. Mmm :) I'm glad Paloma was fun! Have an amaaazing bonfire night me lovely <3


  2. Thank you! Hope you have a good bonfire night too (: xo


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