Friday, 13 May 2011

Chinese Festival

Remember the dress I told you about that we had to design and make from scratch in 4 weeks for a Chinese Festival!? Well, here it is!

Photo's by Claire Summers
Dance choreographed and performed by Catarina Lau

This is the finished dress in action! I'm so proud of the garment, we (me and Sophie) made it in 3 days! We worked really hard and were up so late finishing the details.
The fabric is cotton poplin and it's a gorgeous pastel blue colour with a tiny, pretty floral pattern in white. The tutu underneath is white and the bottom of the fabric we shaped into petals. We sewn the collar on the front (on purpose! FASHION! haha) for a structured piece.
The dance was beautiful! It was very contemporary and contrasted the dress.
I really, really enjoyed this project. It was an amazing learning curve for me and my friend Sophie. It was difficult but it was an amazing experience for future projects that may come my way.
Cat was lovely to work with and I hope she goes far with her beautiful dancing (:

Also, thank you to Jake who travelled an hour and half to see this with me then travel back another hour and half, despite being in a lot of pain with tooth ache and ulcers! Commitment or what!? haha I'm very grateful (:

I was going to post this in the week but my account has been down for ages! I haven't been able to post in days, it's been highly frustrating! Hope it won't go again. Is this happening to anybody else?

This weekend is busy! I'm dressing as Ramona Flowers (Jake as Scott Pilgrim) on saturday for Kayley's birthday party! haha and then I'm taking part in Race for Life on sunday! I can't wait, I love doing things like this! and I've always wanted to have a fancy dress partner!

I'm excited!

What are you doing this weekend? (:

Love every single one of you! xo

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  1. Well, we will dress and the Doctor and Amy Pond for halloween! :D xx


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