Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Things I love | ASOS special!

Not going to lie, I have never been a huge fan of ASOS, but today, I've found some amazing things! (that I can't buy) :D
So here I give to you, my top 10 loves on ASOS at the moment; that you guys should totally buy ;)

I would love to wear this to a festival, the whole outfit in fact! Not just the waistcoat!

I'm a HUGE fan of crop tops.

THIS is so adorable! I love kitties!

My favourite colour is yellow! This is peeerfect!


I adore oversize clothing and this is just perfection with lace and white shoes!

The detail on this t-shirt is divine! I love the shape of the sleeves too!

This headband is so delicate and feminine. CUTE!

Animals are the cutest! Foxes kissing! *swoon!*

Socks and sandles are so sweet! (On women. Men... beware!)

Today has been very manic! I've been working flat out for about 9 hours with my partner trying to finish this costume for the Chinese Festival on saturday! I'm very nervous but so excited and can't wait to see our dress on stage! All of our hard work will be so worth it!

Are you guys and gals working on any projects at the moment?

Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow, good night! xo


  1. I was just about to drop you a comment about the feather t-shirt and the foxy ring, when I saw the above comments :D you two lovebirdies are so adorable! You made me smile right before i go to sleep. Thank you! :)

  2. Awww! That's the sweetest thing! Now you've made me smile :D x

  3. that cat tee shirt with the glasses is amazing- it made me crack up!

  4. You will HAVE to let me know how the Chinese Festival went! :D xoxo

  5. I shall write a post on it! Just waiting for photos (: x

  6. looove asos. that first outfit is perfection!

  7. I would totally wear it to a festival (:


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