Monday, 9 July 2012

Review: Models Own Purple Blue Beetle Juice

I wear nail polish every single day of my life, I think I have done since I was 9! I do not feel like myself without nail polish on, it's the weirdest experience if I go a day with no nail polish on!
My go to colour; black. Always. I have millions of nail polishes but always wear black, well I wanted a change! A few months back I saw a little counter of nail polishes, Models Own. I heard about the duo nail polishes and read some reviews online and decided to get one for myself. The first one I did get was Aqua Violet Beetle Juice, I wasn't that impressed... so...

The one I'm reviewing today; Purple Blue Beetle Juice.

I LOVE this nail polish! It is SO pretty! 

At first I applied the a coat and it looked brown, and I thought "urgh another £5 wasted" I carried on with a second coat and finally a third and just fell in love, I couldn't stop staring at it! 

It looks exactly how it is in the bottle, it's not misleading. It's a mix of blue/purple/pink with a hint (not too much) of glitter, it's just so perfect! 
It caught my eye because it is the newest product but also because it reminds me of like, a galaxy... is that silly? It's just reminds me of space and how pretty it can look! I'm really, really impressed with this colour

Another thing, with all of Models Own polishes, they last a LONG time. My nails chip all the time, and as you can see I cut my nails (I don't like them long) so this is really satisfying and worth your money!

I really recommend this product, it is so beautiful and something a little different to black, I guess! (:

What Models Own polishes do you own? Should I invest into anymore colours? xo

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  1. I be loving them nails on you. Feirce! :3

  2. That is SO pretty, I love it!! I have no idea if we have that brand in America but I hope we do! I would definitely invest in some more colors.

    1. You should search for it! If not I'm sure it would be available online xx


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