Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Review: Revlon Pink Pout and Rimmel Rossetto

I love lipstick, just as much as the next girl but being pale, I do find looking for colours to suit the skin hard, let alone finding lipsticks that last.
Shopping in drugstores can be quite overwhelming with the amount of lipsticks they stock and swatching on your hand isn't always the true colour that comes out on your lips.
I find the whole experience super hard but fun at the same time, walking out the store with the weirdest coloured hands! How attractive!

I feel being pale it is hard to find a neutral lipstick shade with out looking like you've just slapped concealer on your lips and looking like a vampire. Well, I've found a great shade that suits my skin colour perfectly and I love it so much!

It is Pink Pout (002) by Revlon and it's so pretty! It is a matte lipstick which I love, I'm not too crazy over glossy lipsticks. I feel this colour is perfect for pale skin as it's a neutral pink shade rather than a beige neutral so it adds a bit of colour to your face, this is so perfect with a light dusk of pink blusher, such a super sweet look (:
Despite being matte it is moisturising and it does last, I feel you have to apply it a few times through out the day, but that's normal and it does come off when eating! (cute) The price of this lipstick was £7.49 (at Boots UK) a bit pricey but really worth it! Plus it's 3 for 2 on Revlon in Boots so I highly recommend you add this product into your chosen 3!

I can not knock this product at all, I think it's so wonderful and I've worn it everyday since I've bought it, it just goes with everything because it's so subtle and beautiful, I highly recommend buying this if you are pale and are buying lipstick for the first time (:

The second lipstick I picked up was Rossetto (04) by Rimmel in the Kate Moss collection. This colour is gorgeous! Dark colours do suit pale skin but not all (I find.) This colour is a really dark grape purple colour. 
The application was quite tricky, because it's so dark I use a lip brush to line your mouth so you can achieve a sharp shape, I filled in the rest of my lips with the lip brush and it wasn't covering my lips enough, you could still see my skin through the colour, so I used the lipstick to block in my lips and it came out perfect.
It is a glossy lipstick but not over powering just a slight shine to highlight the purple shade. This lipstick is also very moisturising and does last with the odd re-application (:
Surprisingly this product was slightly cheaper, it was £5.49 (at Boots UK) I thought it would have been expensive considering it was a Kate Moss product! I defiantly recommend this lipstick also. The price is great, the colour is beautiful and it's just something different to wear on a night out (:

Two very constasting lipsticks I know but what's a girl to do?! 

Do you have these lipsticks or dupes of these? Let me know!

Have a great week xo

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  1. OH MY GLOB MELISSA! That pink looks absolutely lumping fabulous on you O_O I can't even. xx


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