Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jeffrey Campbell Freda shoes!

 No, no! Thank YOU!

Okay, I've wanted these shoes for a long time! and I finally have them! I saved for them and added my Christmas money to them and now I have them! YES! I've been walking around in them since I received them (:

Check out they have amazing clothing, I have a few bits from there and they've recently started selling JC's for us UK people! Their costumer service is great too! 

Anybody else have JC shoes?! or any wishlist items? link me (:

Have a great day!   



  1. omg this is crazy good! i envy you so so much I'm obsessing over those super chunky boots as well :)
    I've actually done a new outfit post featuring JC shoes as well - check it out!

    1. I love them so much! Your pink shoes are amazing! xx


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