Monday, 15 September 2014

Review: Kelly Osbourne MAC Lipstick in Dodgy Girl

I know this is probably a bit of a late review, but I love this lipstick a lot and you could say, it's well tested! I bought the Kelly Osbourne lipstick in Dodgy Girl a couple of months ago, I thought it was out of stock, as it is a limited edition range but I managed to purchase it from the official UK MAC site! 

You can still get this lipstick and her range from Ebay and Depop! A little bit more expensive but so worth it!
It is a matte lipstick but like a lot of the matte lipsticks from MAC it is surprisingly moisturizing! I have terrible chapped lips all the time and I exfoliate before putting on lipsticks and this glides on beautifully. I like to pat the lips with tissue after applying the product, then apply the lippie again and pat. It works really nice. The only downside to this lipstick, I feel, is that it lasts a really long time but it tends to turn a pinky colour and stains your lips rather than staying purple. I found myself re-applying it through out the day/night, a lot more than what I normally would when wearing a MAC lipstick! 

It retails at £16.50 which is a standard price for MAC cosmetics! Like I said, it will unfortunately be a little more now when buying from sellers online.

All in all, I love this product and re-applying it isn't the biggest deal in the world! Also, it matches my hair! (review on this hair dye coming soon!)

Did you get anything from this range? 


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