Wednesday, 1 September 2010

4 Simple Goals

This is such a positive idea that everyone can do! Elsie Flannigan set this up that many people are doing, check out the post here! (banner is from her blog)

I'm late blogging this but I have been doing some for the time being.

1. only use straighteners on my hair once a week. I love my hair but it's so thin at the moment and I think it's due to having no money so I can't

buy organic hair moisteriser and by the amount of times I straighten it in a week! I've done this before for about 2 months a noticed a difference in my hair. It felt good!

2. drink at least 3 glasses of water a day. I do not like water that much but I know it's good for you! It's annoying. but I drink way too much caffine, I can through about 2-4 liters a day of the stuff which is not good!

3. get a tattoo in october. since I was about 14 I've been obsessed with tattoos. I've always wanted a tattoo that was meaningful and loosing my uncle 2 years ago was one of the most painful but mind opening things to happen in my life. I won't go into detail until I get the tattoo but I've been designing it for a while!

4. take 1 photo everyday. I love photographs and feel I never take enough. Even if it's the most boring thing in the world, I'm going to take one photo everyday and post it...

I think this is such a brilliant idea and it's great to be shared even though it's so personal too!

Be sure to check out Elsie's blog for more inspiring, wonderful ideas!

back soon xo

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