Tuesday, 21 September 2010

beautiful hayle!

oh hey there! this weekend was so beautiful. my best friend, Sam, and i went to Hayle for the weekend in a cute caravan, shared with her family. it was so relaxing and i had the best time. unfortunately, we couldn't go surfing in the end, but ended up swimming in the sea instead! yes, it was cold, as england sucks that way, but still beautiful!

it just felt so good to relax as the next
2 years are going to be busy!

we also planned our trip to hawaii next year, i'm so excited!

i love my best friend. we talk about our lives alot, our dreams, li
terature and basically think we're really funny!
don't you just love your best friend?

i also took some snaps...

i know, she's so beauitful (:

we also went to Newquay and i bought this beautiful, hand made piece, i wish i could remember the shop but it's one of those shops you find only once....

i hope your weekend was as beauitful as mine, have an amazing week xo


  1. great pictures! oh i yearn to go surfing again!!! just haven't found the time to go and now is perfect time to go to santa cruz! you have inspired me to start again, i miss the water so so much!


  2. Aww thank you! I'm glad my weekend inspired you to go surfing again! You need to get to the sea! There's nothing more beautiful than the sea (: xo

  3. Absolutely love what you bought, very cute indeed! (:
    Also, Hawaii?! So beautiful!



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