Tuesday, 7 September 2010

scrapbooking and autumn

I'm so excited for autumn! Apart from summer it's my favourite season. I love the indie style that is inspired by the season and cute, quirky accessories that come with it! I found a beautiful vintage suitcase today that i'm hoping to get soon! I hope to get it before I go away to Cardiff in november (:

Yesterday I met some amazing people and i'm really excited to start this new journey in my life. I'm hoping that I can start selling my products around january/febuary time.

To organize my days I bought a new diary today, I had such a hard time choosing as everything was so cute! I ended up with cupcakes, you can never
go wrong with them!

i know, cute right?

Also bought Rolling Stone, Katy Perry is one fine lady...

i've admired her style for a while, well, since she started. i love her obsession with cute fruit and anything with faces on. she's just everything you'd expect a pop star to be but she's also intelligent.

here's the front cover of my scrapbook, i'm really excited to finish it (:

there's more sneak peaks on my deviant. plus a new painting!: http://twiggy-3.deviantart.com/

have a lovely week! xo

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